After deciding to have cosmetic surgery in Turkey, please contact us 10 days prior to arrival. Accordingly, your meeting date is determined. After the face-to-face meeting and examination, your transaction day is determined.


If you are considering a hair transplant application, you can apply to us from the SEND PICTURE or CONTACT forum on our website. After adding your personal information, problem and related photos to this form, send it to us. We will provide you with the necessary details regarding the procedures, information and fees to be applied to you.

Pre-Evaluation, Hotel and Reservation

If you decide after the evaluation form, we will arrange your appointment according to your arrival date. We provide transfer services to our patients coming from abroad and from abroad by making a reservation from a hotel close to our hospital. After getting your flight number, airport information and landing time information, your transfer is made.

Detailed Inspection

You are taken from the airport and brought to our head office. Hair analysis is done in detail and your photos are taken. Details about the operation are determined after the analysis. After your operation appointment is made, we place you in your hotel.

Operation Day

Operations are carried out in fully equipped operation rooms available in our hospital.

After the Process

Our patients are directed to the Hotel, which is close to our hospital, in the company of a companion from Primeste.

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