Eyebrow Transplantation Is One of the Most Frequent Practices We Perform in Our Clinic

Eyebrow transplantation is easily performed with local anesthesia after 1-2 hours of operation. With the FUE technique, the roots taken with the help of micromotor are separated one by one and planted in the area with eyebrow loss. For eyebrows, hair roots can be taken from different parts of the body. However, the area we prefer most is of course the nape. It can also be taken from the fine hair on the arm or from the armpit and genital area, but our experience has been that the best results are obtained from the nape of the neck. The hairs on the arms can be very thin, especially in women, and may not be very durable. Likewise, the angle of exit of hair follicles in the armpit and genital area can vary widely.

If there is eyebrow loss in a local area, the procedure is successfully terminated in 30 minutes and the results are very pleasant. In some cases, when our patients want to thicken their eyebrows, the shape is determined and transplanted according to the angle of each hair root. Due to the nature of the hair follicles taken after eyebrow transplantation, there is also a certain lengthening of the eyebrows. For this reason, our patients may need to shorten their eyebrows at regular intervals. Correcting the eyebrow length with a few minutes every 15 days or a month is not a disturbing process for our patients.

In general, we take the opinions of our patients actively while determining the eyebrow shape. Most of the time, a shape is determined according to the demands of our patients with temporary dyes for the ideal eyebrow shape and thickness, and the transplantation process is carried out according to this shape. If our patients do not have a specific request, we determine the ideal shape and perform our operation after obtaining the digital approval of our patients in computer environment.


Eyebrow Transplantation and Eyelash Transplantation
The hair in the nape area is lifted up and the area in the form of a horizontal line of 1 cm wide and 5-10 cm long according to the number of roots to be transplanted is shaved and the hair roots are taken by using very fine punches with the help of a micromotor. Since the area where the hair follicles are taken is very small, there are no symptoms in this area. Depending on the need of the person in the brow area, between 40-50 roots and 400-500 roots can be grafted. The transplantation process is very different in the eyebrow area. Because the eyebrow growth pattern is very variable in every person. The eyebrows that grow at a more right angle near the nose begin to appear at an angle of 40-45 degrees with the forehead as they approach the ears. The practical importance of this emerges during planting. The angle of the transplanted hair follicles should be carefully prepared. Because eyebrows are one of the most striking areas on our face. In the slightest negligence, patients may experience very disturbing results.

Eyebrow transplantation is a very satisfactory hair follicle transplant procedure performed with painless local anesthesia in a short time such as 1-2 hours. There is no pain or discomfort after the procedure. It takes 4-6 months for the eyebrows to gather and take their real shape. After 2 months, our patients can get their eyebrows.


Like other hairs on the human body, eyebrows may also be shed over time. Eyebrow loss can develop due to many different reasons. Eyebrows will be shed only in a certain area, and there may be losses as a whole. The most common group of patients with eyebrows is the female patient group. Eyebrow losses are seen especially in people who have contours or permanent make-up procedures done by incompetent people. In such cases, it is not possible to protect the eyebrows. Attempts to remove tattoos, which are made by acid to incompetent people, to our patients who are not satisfied with the contour procedure, may result in worse results. Very serious scar tissues remain in the areas where the eyebrows are present, and it may be impossible to perform eyebrow transplantation to these scar tissues. Eyebrow loss can often develop as a result of stress-related factors. Stress-related spills may be temporary or cause permanent eyebrow loss. Therefore, if eyebrow loss is thought to be due to stress, it may be useful to wait for 6 months. Because early treatments can damage existing eyebrow roots. It is possible to understand the spills due to stress as easily according to the information received from the patients. Changes in living conditions, hair and eyebrows that develop during exam periods should warn us that they may be stress factors. It is very important to support this patient group professionally. It should be said that this problem may be temporary and should be referred to a specialist doctor. After 6 months, if the spillage on the eyebrows is well established, eyebrow transplantation treatment can now be done.

Apart from this, spills due to trauma are frequently encountered in the eyebrows. In lacerations that occur in the eyebrow area in childhood, the roots are damaged and local or whole eyebrow losses occur. Same

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